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Why BBags? 🧲 Magnetized Marvels: BBags feature an iron metallized bottom which has stronger ferromagnetism than common-used steel, offering the perfect solution for magnetized miniatures.

No more worries about them getting stuck or damaged!

Easy-store metallized-bottom boxes

Sealed Protection: Our bags come with four 4-inch height sealed boxes, ensuring your miniatures stay safe during transport. Say goodbye to foam and hello to worry-free gaming.

📦 Specifications:
Weight: 3Kg / 6.61lb
Dimensions: 52 x 34 x 23cm / 20.5" x 31.4" x 9"
Boxes dimensions (x4): 30x15x12cm usable space (11.8"x5.9"x4.7")
Recommended Magnets: Neodimium - 10x2mm

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